Our mission is, 'To contribute to building Jamaica's future by restoring to life Jamaica's historical past.'

Liberty Trails was inspired by the Jamaican High Commission, London, and established by Dr Doreen Morrison. Dr Morrison is the author of 'Slavery's Heroes: George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptists of Jamaica 1783 - 1865.' She is a graduate of both Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Illinois, USA and the University of Birmingham, England. Having co-led tours for students at the United Theological College of the West Indies in 2012, and the Baptist World Alliance Gathering in Ocho Rios in 2013, she was inspired after some encouragement from leaders in Jamaica, to tell the story of Jamaica's Emancipatory history from the African Jamaican perspective, first in the form of a book and then to visitors to Jamaica and Jamaica's own school-aged children, in the form of historical tours.

Doreen has designed all of the tours and as a ‘people person’ she will often be found delivering the welcome lecture and sharing her knowledge with those taking part in one of our tours. She is one of a very few academics who has in depth knowledge about this movement today, it having been erased from modern day history books. Liberty Trails mission is to share this little-known Caribbean-wide nation changing history, which was lived out in Jamaica, with the world. 


Our tour guides are primarily made up of graduates in history, and being historians in their own right, they are committed to sharing their passion for history and the stories and events which have not only shaped Jamaica’s past, but continue to inspire Jamaicans today. They hold a great deal of general knowledge as well as the folklore handed down by generations, thereby making your tours that much more enjoyable. 

Each of them are professional tour guides, who have been trained by the Tourism Production Development Company (TPDCO) and approved by JUTA, Jamaica’s approved tourism association, and so  they are also knowledgeable about the local landscape, as well as the sights and sounds you will see and hear as we travel together around the island.


We use the services of JUTA approved drivers and vehicles, from their Chapters situated all over the island. Following JUTA approval each driver is then required to undertake both a medical and a police check every 3 years, and being TPDCO trained they too have a sound knowledge of Jamaica's local history and heritage, and are more than happy to share it with you.


Once again, in the area of accommodation, we work with the best providers that Jamaica has to offer. Jamaica has available to it everything from 5* Hotels, to Guesthouses and Villa's. It's your choice as to whether you want a hotel atmosphere or a more private, family or bohemian experience, but whichever you choose you will experience luxury and a restful nights’ sleep after a very busy day of walking, interacting with locals, participating in leisure activities and sightseeing. We can provide single accommodation, twin rooms or double rooms, some sea views and mountain views - the choice is yours.


When you contact Liberty Trails, you are dealing with one of the best. We offer unique historical knowledge, experience and versatility.  We have resourceful and well-travelled committed staff, as well as local agents throughout the island, and so you need never feel alone.  Our staff also provide us with up-to-date information on events and activities and so, we can promise you a   

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very professional service.  In all instances we will work with you to book the tour which suites you best, and where necessary, to work with you to find you that unique package for you or your group.  

You can contact us with any questions which you may have, and rest assured that you will get a quick, thorough and knowledgeable response - as long as you bear in mind that our clocks are set in all instances at Jamaican time!!  


Our children and young people are our future, and so in order to inspire the next generation of Jamaica’s heroes, Liberty Trails is committed to providing parish tours for school-aged children, so that they too can experience their history first-hand. Given the levels of poverty affecting many people and families in Jamaica, we have committed as an agency to subsiding these tours, whilst giving them the same experiences, as though they were tourists. For our children we are therefore committed, as our finances allow, to giving them parish tours, and allowing them to experience leisure excursions also,  only asking of them a small donation towards lunch. 

We are also committed to making available to each school which participates in one of our tours, a copy of ‘Slavery’s Heroes: George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptists of Jamaica 1783 – 1865.’  If you are a tourist or a Jamaican able to assist with this project, then please feel free to either leave us your loose change, or contact us in order to make a donation for the future heroes of Jamaica.

So, this is who we are, and we invite you now to pick a trail and travel back in time with us as we introduce you to those who laid down their lives for generations of Jamaicans that they knew that they would never meet.  Come and see the churches which they left behind, visit sites of prisons, asylums and workhouses in which they were kept for praying, and daring to believe that God saw them as people with souls - as human beings.

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