Liberty Trails


Visiting Jamaica, then add  Liberty Trails to your address book and begin the journey of a life time!!  Travel back in time with us to a unique place and time in history and learn about our heroes of Emancipation and freedom. Our main tour season runs from November to the following May each year, but we are open for business throughout the year.

Contact us and let us either help you to plan your own trail, or work with you to take one of our Liberty Trails - visiting the remains and buildings, as well as walking the streets of those mentioned in the ground breaking book - 'George Lisle: A Faith That Couldn't Be Denied' - which tells Jamaica's story of three generations of men  and women who led and inspired by the ministry of George Lisle, advocated for a nation, from enslavement to emancipation and beyond. You will experience our true story: how George Lisle and his cadre of African-American ex-slaves, caused the final days of, and the demise of enslavement, by initiating a movement which led to generations of enslaved African women and men - armed only with their faith in God, and an unswerving determination - to resist the might of an Empire.  For over 80 years they,  primarily through non-violent action, defied the Jamaican Assembly and the might of the plantocracy, 'fighting' for and ultimately achieving, Emancipation and freedom, not only for themselves, but those who were enslaved throughout the British Caribbean.

Travel with us, or let us assist you in creating an itinerary which will at the same time show you the natural beauty of Jamaica – its people, culture and geography. Jamaica is the home to many rare species of animals, plant-life and birds, including its national bird, 'The Doctor Bird' otherwise known as the swallow tail humming bird, which lives only in Jamaica. Come and see the beauty of the Blue Mountains, take a raft ride down Martha Brae River, enjoy the natural beauty of Dunn's River Falls, feed the dolphins at Dolphin Cove or take a boat ride and see the crocodiles of the Black River. Jamaica also offers relaxing walks whilst at the same time introducing you to its wider history displayed at National Heroes Park and Emancipation Park respectively. As well as being able to visit the location of the first African Jamaican Church in Jamaica - the Windward Road Chapel, and the location where many of those early leaders lived, global modern day heroes are also celebrated at the Marcus Garvey Museum, and Bob Marley Museum and Mausoleum, but you can also come and simply enjoy the unique shopping experiences to be found in our craft markets across the island.  All this and much much more contained in our 'Island in the Sun' - so why not come and take a Liberty Trail!!