When coming to Jamaica the place of all right why not stay awhile either before or after your time with us, and experience one of Jamaica's many many festivals, events and places of special interest. Our tropical marine climate means that we are able to offer festivals and events throughout the year for all tastes and interests. Our calendar of events below lists just a few of the activities on offer. So why not take a look and consider coming to Jamaica, learn something or our history, and enjoy one or more of our events with us. You will be more than welcome.


Saint Ann Kite Festival, Electronic Dance Musica Festival, Stepping High Festival (celebrating Rastafarian culture), Volleyball Tournament.


Jamaica International Film Festival, Kingston


Jamaica Festival 31st July to 6th August. Celebrating Emancipation and Indipendence - with talent competitions, floats and parades and the World Reggae Dance Finals - Kingston and Montego Bay


One World Ska & Rock Steady Festival, Kingston.

These are just a sample of what else you could be doing when you travel to Jamaica, and in addition we have some very famous year round attractions, such as Usain Bolt Tracks and Records - casual dining and sports lounge, in Kingston and Ocho Rios, Port Royal which was once considered the most sinful city in the world, and the National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, which is the largest art museum in the Anglophone Caribbean, which contains art from the days of the Tainos - the original inhabitants of Jamaica - to the present day.