1. October 15, 1794. Moses Baker began his miinistry on the north of the island, first working for Isaac Winn and over time for his successor, Samuel Vaughan.

2. October 1831. Planning for the Christmas strike which others described as 'The Baptist War' began with a gathering of leaders on the Retrieve Plantation in St James.

3. October 1831. In remembrance of all who suffered during the period of apprenticeship, the following story is shared:

Another gentleman was tried in October last, for causing one of his negroes to be severely torn by dogs, for going without permission to bury his wife, who had been dead three days, and had been refused sufficient time to prepare her coffin.

4. October 7, 1865. The Morant Bay Riot, began with a tax dispute at the Courthouse on a Saturday morning.

5. October 9, 1865. Another Courthouse disagreement moved to Stony Gut village which became the centre of the 'last stand' of the EBS in Jamaica.

6. October 10, 1865. Warrants issued for the arrest of “Parson” Paul Bogle, and his fellow protesters, having been charged with not only leading the disturbances on both the Saturday and the Monday, but also interfering with the police in the execution of their duties.

7. October 11, 1865. Paul Bogle and his supporters, which included folk from many EBS congregations, sought to answer the warrant by attending the courthouse, while the quarterly meeting of the parish vestry was in session.

8. October 12, 1865. Martial Law declared.

9. October 13, 1865. The 'slaughter of the innocents' began.

10. October 21, 1865. William Gordon, whiilst being held alongside others on the Wolverine ship, was accused, tried, and found guilty of planning the insurrection and sentenced to death.

11. October 23, 1865. Gordon was executed along with eighteen others.

12. October 24, 1865. Captured in Hayfield, Paul Bogle was tried, found guilty, and executed, all on the same day!