5d – Trelawny and St Ann – Peoples and Churches of Resistance

This is a unique and very special tour as we go inland to the countryside, to see and experience the church communities in beautiful rural communities and land, not too dissimilar to the way it was back in the 19 century. We begin the day at William Knibb Baptist Church which could be described as the home of the first white Ethiopian Baptist - William Knibb.   Here we will see the symbols created after the declaration of Emancipation  in 1838 - a plaque created by the emancipated.  Here too is the resting place of William and his wife Mary Knibb.  We will then travel through Clarke’s Town, Jackson Town, places of resistance to churches in Stewart Town and Brown’s Town which began as a congregation meeting in the Windsor Caves.  Our final visit in this region will be Gibraltar Baptist Church which appears to have been the last known link to the Ethiopian Baptists of America.  We will then travel to St Ann's Bay, notorious for being the home of the Colonial Church Union, Jamaica’s Christian equivalent to the Klu Klux Klan in America.

We will conclude our tour with a visit to St Ann’s Bay Baptist Church which folklore says was established by Mother Russell, an

African.  A more sombre ending to our tour as we conclude it in the cemetery of the church, wherein can be found not only the remains of leading BMS missionary, Thomas Coultart, but the only known Liberty Grave. Our day will conclude with a visit to Dolphin Cove, where you will have the opportunity to feed the dolphins.

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