1. December 1795. The Maroons negotiated a surrender to the British.

2. December 21, 1781. The Jamaican Assembly passed a law against both the religious practices, and practitioners of Obeah, who once caught were either tortured if they agreed to reveal their secrets, or faced death by burning, if they would not.

3. December 1782. The evacuation began of the defeated British from America, and this was the beginning of the Ethiopian Baptist Society's missionary movement.

4. December 1791. Martial law introduced in Jamaica, following the revolution in Haiti.

5. December 1802. Slave Law introduced to ban any person (not duly qualified by law) who should presume to preach or teach in any assembly of negroes or people of colour within the island, should be deemed a rogue and a vagabond.

6. December 1816. Consolidated Bill passed forbidding the assembling of slaves and other persons, after dark, at places of meeting belonging to dissenters from the established religion.