1.  August 1816. Nonconformist ministers were finally allowed to preach again in Jamaica after 14 years.

2. August 8, 1822. Joshua Tinson is called to stand in for George Lisle, at his congregation at the Windward Road Chapel.

3. August 28, 1833. Parliament received royal assent to the passing of the Emancipation Act, whose full title was “An Act for the Abolition of Slavery throughout the British Colonies, for promoting the industry of the manumitted Slaves, and for compensating the Persons hitherto entitled to the Services of such Slaves.”

4. August 1, 1834. Emancipation Day for mulattoes and mixed race adults and children, as well as African children under the age of six years old. It was also the day of 'freedom' for African children and adults, who were removed to England under the tuteledge of their owners.

5. August 1, 1838. Emancipation Day for 750,000 enslaved Africans across the British Caribbean, 300,000 of them in Jamaica alone.