Ours are active holidays which involve walking, climbing moderate hills, stairs and standing around for lengthy periods of time in the sunshine. They should not present problems for anyone of normal fitness but they are not suitable for those who are slow, need support or are low on stamina. Whilst we will be using minibuses and coaches, Jamaica is a land of hills with rural areas which may at times be poorly paved.

Our Trails are group events.  The presence of even one person who is fit enough to cope can spoil the experience for everyone else.  We are therefore asking people wishing to join a tour to take our quick and simple self-assessment tests described below, in order to ascertain whether they have the adequate level of fitness.

By signing the booking form you are stating that you have accepted this condition. If then during the tour it transpires that you are not adequately fit, then you maybe asked to opt out of certain visits, or invited to leave the tour altogether. This would be at your own expense.

Self-assessment tests

A certain level of fitness is a requirement for participation on our tours.  We ask that all participants take these quick and simple tests to ascertain whether they are fit enough.

1. Chair stands.  Sit in a dining chair, with arms folded and hands on opposite shoulders.  Stand up and sit down at least eight times in thirty seconds.

2. Step test. Mark a wall at a height that is halfway between your knee and your hip bone. Raise each knee in turn to the mark at least sixty times in two minutes.

3. Agility testPlace an object three yards from the edge of a chair, sit, and record the time it takes to stand up, walk to the object and sit back down.  You should be able to do this in under seven seconds.

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