If you can't find a tour that suits your needs - don't worry - we are happy to work with you to make your visit a success.  Utilizing the skills and knowledge of our team we will help you build a private tour which meets your objectives, in accordance with your interests, time and budget.

We are open to arranging private tours for academic, humanitarian, social and other delegations who want to visit Jamaica, experience its people and culture, and understand its history.  You can therefore suggest your own destinations, or if you wish, you can simply adapt any of the tours which we provide, tailoring it to your specific interests and needs.

We hope to send you home with a greater understanding of Jamaica's history and it's people, as well as a ton of memories, a smile on your face and perhaps new friendships after having spent some time with us.

As with all our tours whatever itinerary you choose, it will include the following: accommodation, 3 meals a day, local guides, a driver and vehicle, entry fees to local attractions and a pre-trip briefing and information sharing.  You will also receive a copy of 'Slavery's Heroes' which tells the story of the Africans, African Americans and African Jamaicans who created a civil rights movement and led the resistance to enslavement and helped to bring about emancipation and freedom.

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