Liberty Trails was established by Dr Doreen Morrison, the foremost specialist in nineteenth century Jamaican Baptist History.  Whilst making this activity available to all, she welcomes any who would like to understand Jamaican history, but have limited knowledge.  To this end she is the first of many Lecturers who will introduce and often accompany our guests as they undertake their trails.

Specialist Lecturers are a key ingredient of our tours, delivering an introductory lecture on the first night of each island-wide, north and south coast tours (as well as being present on our one day tours). It is hoped that in the 'informal' environment before we begin our tours, that we will build a relationship and understanding, which means that our guests feel comfortable to ask questions which they consider pertinent to the tour. Their scholarship is unimpeachable, but their ability to communicate their learning is vitally significant.  Lecturers bring the word off the pages, as well as bringing insight borne out of many years of research and local historical knowledge.

Doreen spent her formative years and much of her adult life in England and is overjoyed and some!! to have now returned 'home' to the land of her parents. Having always had a passion for history, she welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge of Jamaica's Emancipation history with adults and children alike, believing that a knowledge of one's past, can give confidence and great expectations for the future. She is a proud graduate of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Illinois, USA and the University of Birmingham, England. She currently sits on the Baptist World Alliance Heritage and Identity Commission (2015 - 2020).