LibertyTrails as a project evolved out of the work of Dr Doreen Morrison and in particular two resources which she has developed; her book Slavery's Heroes and EXODUS, a Caribbean history board game.  Both items tell the story of Jamaica's journey from enslavement to Emancipation and finally freedom.   

We therefore offer them up to you now as invaluable resources for understanding Jamaican and also British Caribbean 'slave' history. Both items can be purchased, the game through Liberty Trails, and the book via various platforms at Amazon.

SLAVERY'S HEROES: George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptist of Jamaica 1783 - 1865 Doreen Morrison

Paperback and Kindle

Coinciding with the 230 year anniversary of the establishing of the first Baptist church in Jamaica by the Ethiopian Baptist society, Slavery's Heroes documents its pioneers; the men and women who, led by George Liele, advocated for a nation from enslavement to emancipation and beyond. This work offers insight into a people, a faith and a movement which demonstrated boldness, bravery and self-sacrifice, as it sought to achieve freedom for generations of people it knew it would never meet.


"Slavery's Heroes constitutes required reading for all who search for a rich historical resource for understanding the legacy of Baptist witness in Jamaica between 1783 and 1865. Dr Morrison's familiarity with extant original sources furnishes the tools for the coherent articulation of a fresh interpretation that is both credible and compelling."

- Dr Neville G Callam, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance

"Dr Morrison in this study of George Liele and his contemporaries has demonstrated that the modern Christian missionary movement owes more to African American Christianity than has previously been acknowledged. She elucidates skillfully how they dealt with the catholicity and particularities of the Christian faith in their obedience to God in its transmission and in this lies their relevance for our times and place."

- Rev Dr Horace O Russell, Emeritus Professor of Historical Theology and Dean of Chapel, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University, St David's, USA; Formerly, President UTCWI, Kingston, Jamaica

Dr Morrison has chronicled for us ground-breaking work in "Slavery's Heroes." For the first time we receive research with the quality of an eye witness account on the Ethiopian Baptists who with George Liele introduced Baptist work to Jamaica and the Caribbean and began a trail that led to the emancipation of enslaved people in the Caribbean and the founding of indigenous religions. This book is carefully researched and cogently argued."

- Dr Noel L Erskine, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Emory University

Slavery's Heroes is globally available via Waterstones, Amazon and other leading retailers. 

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SLAVERY'S HEROES: George Liele and the Ethiopian Baptists of Jamaica 1783 - 1865 Doreen Morrison, Charles Johnson, Jr.


Thanks to the generosity of Charles Johnson Jr. African American voice actor and producer, we have been fortunate to turn Slavery's Heroes' into an audio book.  Not only does hist offer the opportunity to experience something different in that its reading by an African American, gives us some insight into the 'voices' of the African Americans who bravely arrived in Jamaica in 1783 to begin their work in leading a people to Emancipation. Just as significantly it provides the opportunity for those who have visual challenges, to still hear the story of Slavery's Heroes'  for themselves and at their own pace.

EXODUS - Caribbean History Board Game Doreen Morrison

EXODUS is a Caribbean History Board Game is a game for All Ages designed primarily to teach the story of enslavement, but at the same time it is concerned with informing players about the nations which were once part of the British Caribbean.

EXODUS can be played individually by up to 4 players or in teams of up to 4. Choose a character - Politician, Plantation Owner, Trader, Slave - and you are ready to play! Throw a dice and travel across the historical board game - from Enslavement to Emancipation, responding to situations in which you find yourself and answering questions on the English-Speaking Caribbean and British Caribbean History - Culture, General Knowledge, Geography, History, People, Places, Flags from Enslavement to the present day.  The game will aid or hinder you as you land on Freedom, push your opponents back down the board with a Slavery Emancipation Card or see them miss a turn if they land on Slave Revolt.

EXODUS is an inspiring, challenging and fun boardgame. We are proud to know that it has been purchased by many people in England and Jamaica, and by various organisations including the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, England.

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