We offer a wide range of trails for every taste.  You can participate in 7 day island-wide tours, 5 day north coast and south coast  tours, and 1 day Parish tours.  Each tour is priced based on single occupancy in a guesthouse or hotel, and a minimum number of persons per group. Other group sizes and accommodation can be negotiated at a different price.  

Should you wish to experience any of the content of a 7 day or 5 day tour but wish to book your own accommodation, then please contact us, so that we can advise you on other types of available approved accommodation and transport e.g. Knutsford Express (island wide luxury coach commuter transport), Yard Style or Airbnb (accommodation organised by every day Jamaicans).

Given the nature of the Jamaican climate and much of the rural terrain covered in our 7 day and 5 day tours, for safety reasons, and so that you can have as full an experience as possible, they are conducted primarily in the dry season - November to May.  

Please, take a look at our packages and perhaps you will see a tour package which you like. In addition to transport, a leisure activity, lunch and a qualified tour guide, each of our  7 day and 5 day island-wide tours as well as our north and south coast tours include a familiarization lecture by a qualified academic. 

Whichever tour you choose, we will give you a complimentary copy of either 'Slavery's Heroes' or the board game 'Freedom Trail,' to enhance your understanding of Jamaica, it's people, religion, culture and history, as well as the wider Caribbean context.

**Please note that if we do not have a tour package which suites your exact requirements, then we are more than happy to creatively work with you to see create a Liberty Trail which is tailored to your specific needs. You can find more detailed information at Private Tours/Delegation Information page**