7d - Constant Spring Drama

This is something very different in the tours which we are offering to you.  At the heart of the journey to Emancipation were stories of men and women, who bravely gave their lives for the freedom of many, most of whom they knew that they would never meet.

Constant Spring as an area was central to the resistance movement and at the forefront of the defiance undertaken on the south coast of the island.  It seems appropriate therefore that we provide for those of you would seek to understand the journey to Emancipation and freedom but are not staying on our beautiful island for more than a day or so.  To this end we invite you to come and spend a day with us as we tell the story of Slavery’s Heroes – the men and women who fought for Emancipation and finally freedom for over 80 years. 

Come and experience the life of the enslaved, their children, plantation owners, missionaries and traders. Learn about the African American ex-slaves led by George Lisle, who pioneered the final movement for emancipation. Get to know the women and men who were prepared to be imprisoned, and ultimately martyred so that emancipation would come – such people as Miss Cooper, Old Virgil, David and Moses Hall. It is in part an interactive performance and so you may be invited to share the performance by speaking for those saw the execution of Sam Sharpe, faced genocide in Morant Bay or refused to accept that change was inevitable. 

We will conclude our day sharing a meal and discussing how these heroes enable us to understand something of who we are, and that whether from abroad or Jamaica, that we are one people - one humanity.

**As this tour is not one which we take lightly by presenting on a weekly basis, we invite those who may be interested in this event, to, in the first instance, contact us and express an interest, after which we contact you and invite you to experience this unique look at our history with us**

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